Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting started!

I'm jumping in! I've beem encouraged to start blogging my many of my friends so here we go. I have had a ball working on my Mariners compasses lately. They sell quickly and are fun to make. I usually make a 31" pattern that is based on an older Judy Mathersion pattern which I have modified to my use.  I also draft many original patterns. I find it enjoyable to make blocks that are uniquely mine start to finish. 

This one was blue teal and corals.  I really like that color combination and will most likely do another similar one. I rarely make exactly the same one unless asked to. This one was all printed fabric.

These next few are a combination of Island Batiks and Kona Cotton. The Batiks are all different color ways of a fern pattern. The Kona Cottons are complimentary runs of blues, greens and purples.

These are a few 100% batik Compasses.

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